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Wuxi Jin Nong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. successfully acquired Jiangxi Jin Nong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company since September 3, 2017 officially acquired Jiangxi Jinnong biotechnology limited company of rice protein powder, rice starch production line plant and production equipment, and all under the Wuxi Jinnong biotechnology limited company high company (company registered address: Jiangxi province Yichun City County Industrial Park Qingyuan Road No. 1). The employees of Jiangxi Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., except for foreign trade salesmen, are all placed in the upper branch of Wuxi Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. according to their original posts. From now on, Wuxi Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., as the Wuxi gold agricultural rice protein and rice starch proprietary production base, is managed by Wuxi Jin Nong biotechnology limited company.After the acquisition, any in Jiangxi Jinnong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Gabio the name of the business activities and sales behavior, and the related legal liability shall be borne by Jiangxi Jinnong Biotechnology Co. Ltd., has nothing to do with the Wuxi Jinnong Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and Wuxi golden agricultural biotechnology limited company on high I hereby declare!


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